Lighting & Pots

  • Path Lights
    Path Lights
    Copper low-voltage lights provide safe pass along basalt stepping stone pathway. Well lights up-light the trees along the fence line.
  • Water-proof Lights
    Water-proof Lights
    Column rocks are spotlighted using directional water-proof lighting system.
  • Path & Tree Lighting
    Path & Tree Lighting
    A contorted filbert tree and walkway are lit using low-voltage lights for accent and safety.
  • Submerged Spillway
    Submerged Spillway
    Weir waterfalls have the option of being up-lit via underwater lights as shown, directional lights out of the water or even LED lighting within the waterfall device.
  • Up-lit House
    Up-lit House
    Before plants were installed, we designed a lighting system to accent the many interesting facets of this house.
  • One Pot
    One Pot
    One large pot in contrasting color has a strawberry tree and ground covers for accent.
  • Two Pots
    Two Pots
    Using different shapes, sizes, ornamentation and plants to create interesting backdrops to the patio.
  • Three Pots
    Three Pots
    Glazed pots can provide color, height and texture. They can also be used to buffer unattractive spaces.
  • Colorful Pots
    Colorful Pots
    Trailing perennials and color spots  make great accents on this backyard patio.
  • Spilling Over
    Spilling Over
    Mass plantings of perennials in large pots used to separate outdoor spaces.
  • Light Rails
    Light Rails
    Stainless steel strands are lit up by led rope lights secured within the aluminum rail cap. It provides just enough light for safety and ambiance.